Waiver and Briefing

All pasengers and crew persons will be required to read and understand the following Briefing
  • If at any point you have a question, feel free to ask. If the pilot doesn’t answer immediately, he is likely concentrating on flying the balloon. Ask again.
  • All participants should wear clothing appropriate for outdoor activities, i.e. pants, sturdy shoes that cover the entire foot. Passengers wearing sandals or flip-flops will not be permitted to fly.
  • The balloon is fueled by propane. We carry several tanks of fuel in both the balloon and trailer. For safety reasons, there is absolutely NO SMOKING anywhere near the balloon
  • During the layout and inflation of the balloon, be aware of ropes and lines. NEVER step over a rope. Always go around or under.
  • When instructed by the pilot, passengers will enter the basket one at a time using the steps on the long side of the basket. Extra clothing, purses, camera bags, etc. may be left with the chase crew and will be available at landing.
  • During flight you are not required to hang on, however if you wish to there are looped rope handles on the inside of the basket.
  • There are several vent lines (one red and one green) that run into the basket. These are for use by the pilot only. Do not grab any rope other than the looped handles on the sides of the basket.
  • The pilot will be operating the burner at varying rates depending on the flight maneuver being performed.
  • Any moisture coming from the burners is not a fuel leak. Water is a product of combustion, and it collects in the bottom of the burner assembly.  Most of it evaporates, but on humid days it may become excessive.

Landing Preparations

Prior to landing, the pilot will ask you to

  • Put away all cameras and phones.
  • Keep hands and arms inside the basket, making sure not wrap your arms around the upright burner supports.
  • Hold on to the rope handles inside of the basket.
  • Face the direction of travel, and bend your knees slightly as if skiing.
  • The pilot may elect to drag the lower portion of the basket through tree tops as a means of slowing down. This is a common practice as balloons do not have brakes. If this occurs, close or otherwise shield your eyes in case branches snap off of the tree.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances get out of the balloon until instructed to do so by the pilot and the pilot only.
  • In the event of a “high wind” landing, special instructions will be given.
    • Face opposite the direction of travel, crouching low in the basket.
    • Still hold on to the interior rope handles.
    • Tuck your chin down to your chest.


A printed and signed version of each  the briefing and waiver will be required by all passengers. PDF versions of the briefing and waiver are available here –


Waiver, Adult

Waiver (child under 18)