Ryan J. Coy – Pilot and Owner


Ryan’s first taste of balloons occurred in the mid 1990’s when his grandparents went on a ride with a pilot from Conklin, NY. Intrigued by the simplicity and majesty of hot air balloons, the aircraft were always in the back of his mind. Fast forward to 2009, he decides to look into the sport again and contacts local pilot Tony Saxton to inquire about crewing and the possibility of flight training. The first time Ryan came out to help with one of Tony’s balloons, he was instantly hooked. In the years following, Ryan trained first for his private pliot’s certificate, and then his commercial rating . Since his first lesson, he has logged over 200 flights. Other accompishments include flying in both regular and speacial shape balloons for Endless Mountains Hot Air Balloons, flying in four US states as well as two foreign countries. Ballooning has truly become a passion for him.


Foolish Pleasures Hot Air Balloons, 51 Public Ave, Montrose, PA  570-767-1050