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A hot air balloon ride is a truly magical experience. From start to finish, most passengers young and old alike are in awe at the simplicity, the beauty and the size of a hot air balloon. From the relatively small bag the balloon is stored in, the mammoth nylon envelope emerges and is filled with air. Quickly the balloon starts to take shape, laying on it’s side stretched out nearly 100 feet long and towering 40 feet high or more. As the burner is aimed into the open end of the balloon, the sight and sound of a 24 million btu flame quickly brings the whole aircraft upright and brings eager smiles to the faces of all who are present.

While balloons come in all shapes and sizes, those operated by commercial pilots generally fall into one of two categories; Sport Balloons carrying less than 5 people, and Ride Balloons carrying as many as 16 people, sometimes more

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We at Foolish Pleasures Hot Air Balloons operate a 90,000 cu. ft balloon with room for the pilot plus 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children. This offers the passengers a much more private and intimate experience. While the big Ride Balloons have their place (taking an entire football team at once for example), the ride becomes much more commercial feeling when you are packed in like cattle.

To further enhance your ballooning experience, we cap off the flight with a traditional champagne toast. The passengers are also given a personalized flight certificate as well as one of our official flight pins. It is these little touches that separate us from some of the competition.



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